Customers Information

Please be advised that our Fuel Surcharge Varies due to fluctuating fuel prices, please ask for the latest Fuel Surcharge Rate (FSC)

This page details and confirms that our terms and conditions (RHA) are accepted, please be aware that any figures quoted by our sales office is for guidance only & additional charges may be added to the final invoice. We will advise of any additional costs as soon as practical and may include additional waiting time.
One hour at the collection address & One hour at the delivery address is included in the price quoted, any additional waiting time will be added to the final invoice in increments of 0.25 hours.

An additional Fuel Surcharge (FSC) is applied on any price quoted will be added to the final invoice,  this is reviewed and amended on a monthly basis. The basis behind our FSC is based on the fuel price base price set in 2005, the price excluding VAT in 2005 was an average of £0.77PPL, Each £0.01PPL increase or decrease changes the surcharge up or down by 0.25%

Holmes of Heathrow Ltd is registered in England and abided by RHA conditions. Established: 1989
Known Status Regulated Agent Registration Number GB/RA/00957-01